What I do to get ready for my day

cn8a4097_40140524452_oI am not a morning person by any sense of the word.

I used to constantly press the snooze on my alarm, tried to multitask an entire morning routine in 10 minutes and I was done. Mornings are a valuable time and being able to get a proper start to your morning can help set your mood for the day.

My routine changes slightly from day to day but I’ve developed a basic routine for my self that leaves me calm, refreshed and awake for the rest of my day. I started by setting my alarm earlier and earlier until I established that 5:30am was the perfect time for me. Please note this took multiple trial and error to get this to work for me so don’t give up!


I know you’re thinking, this is not in the morning but, setting everything up the night before helps the body not have to think in the morning. THIS IS SOOOO KEY!

  • -Prep my clothes I’ll wear for the day
  • -Have a plate and tea-cup on the counter ready to go for breakfast and tea
  • -set out my makeup(I can also coordinated my outfit/look for the day)
  • -yoga mat and kettle bell set up
  • -Double check alarms on my phone and echo dot(this is key)

I’ll also note that going to bed early is also a key in being able to wake up in the morning. I try and shut my electronics off 30 minutes prior to bed (doesn’t always happen) and drink a concoction or apple cider vinegar and honey. I stole this from Tim Ferriss



With everything set up the night before my morning is usually as follows:

5:15am 1st alarm, wake up groggy

5:30am usually up, I’ll do a short mindful meditation sequence (I downloaded headspace and it’s a great guided meditation app, takes 3 minutes to do)

5:35-6am Morning yoga and kettle bell workout

6am Turn on the hot water and get out breakfast food

6-6:15ish Shower time

6:20am Brush teeth, head back to my desk and apply skin care

6:25-6:40ish Get dressed and cook breakfast

6:40-7:00ish Eat breakfast, apply makeup and watch youtube/netflix

7:15ish-7:30ish Depending on what time I need to get to work I’ll leave earlier or stroll into work on time.

That’s about it for my morning routine. It’s not for everyone but I’ve taken tips here and there from Entrepreneurs, morning people and meshed it into what I need fr my mornings. I hope this helps you on your journey to taking charge of your mornings.

Love, Aiko


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