25 Things I’ve learned in my 25 years

27747344_10156234907476579_1747471262_oHot damn.
I cannot believe that I’m 25 this year. I know everyone says this but this year 2018 is gonna be transformative. 2017 was all about healing from 2016 and now this year is about discovering who I am and growing as a person.
1. Follow your heart
2. Take your mental health seriously
3. Bath time is the best time
4. My parents are heroes
5. Your metabolism isn’t what it once was
6. Don’t complain
7. Cuddle are the best
8. Don’t take life for granted
9. Travel far and travel often
10. You have the will to do anything
11. It’s ok to give up
12. Practice gratitute everyday
13. Faith is important
14. Patience is hard
15. Tell your love ones how much you love them
16. If you care about something work for it
17. Comparisson is the root of evil
18. Don’t be so hard on yourself
19. Write down your thoughts, you’d be surprise what comes out
20. Be reliable
21. Honestly is the best policy
22. Don’t take your partner for granted
23. Cats are better than dogs
24. Never stop learning
25. Be authentically you
My Name is Aiko lifestyle and beauty Seattle based blogger

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