When a creative takes a Hiatus

Photographer: Tasha Matthews, Locket Space in Seattle

If you are a creative person, you should not take a break for more than a few months at a time. As a creative you must creative and that is essential to who you are.

Now what does this title mean-this is a little reflection of my experience of what happened when I took nearly 5 year break from creative lifestyle. Not this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t  creating anything at all but the inspiration for my creations was not one out of authenticity.

When I was young I would make thing because it’s just what I did. I loved art. I also think it was a tactic to keep me busy while my parents were busy with work. I did all types of art, painting, drawing, sculpture, acting, singing, dancing you name it I did. This was the foundation for my love of art.

This is how I got into makeup artistry. I used it as an escape from what was going around in my life and I let it consume me. It was to the point it was all I would do but not for the right reasons. I would buy copious amounts of makeup and lock myself in my room and do play. Shopping was instant gratification, playing with my makeup and watching Youtube videos removed me from the stresses of life-school, relationships etc. Overtime it lost it’s novelty and even thought I loved makeup and the expression  it gave me I knew it wasn’t for me(the career as a makeup artist.)

Next came modeling, this is something I still today but my reasoning has changed since I got back into it. The idea of assuming another persona was very appealing. Who doesn’t want to be someone else. Then I realized that the only person I wanted to be was me. At this point I was so lost that I didn’t know who I was anymore. I felt so broken, uninspired I wondered what happened to that girl growing up?

I threw myself back into all things art and immediately I felt at peace. I cut out those who were discouraging my creative mind. Naturally a support system started to surround me that kept me going. I slowly started coming out of my shell and started seeking other creatives and now life is pretty good. There was a sense that I knew this is what I’m meant to be doing and nothing else.

This entire entry is completely disjointed but at the end of it all I’d say don’t let excuses get in the way of creating. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise-either they don’t see the whole picture or they just don’t get it and that’s OK.

Find a way to creative and everything will be ok.


My Name is Aiko lifestyle and beauty Seattle based blogger

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