Golden Gardens

I really like sleeping and every time I decide to sacrifice my coveted sleep for a shoot it must something special. In this case it was. I had the pleasure of working with the wondering and beautiful Olivia Lillian Valdez. She is one that loves color and was nothing but a joy to work with.

We went to Golden Garden in North Seattle which is one of the few actual sandy beaches we have and got there gorgeous shots. (Yes it really was that cold, for the sake of art and beauty.)26758125_10210235894565252_6613796801984200611_o26757752_10210235893885235_429704496186696807_o26757076_10213021100895010_7767470726347156987_ocn8a4067-edit_40140524952_ocn8a4250_39274796625_ocn8a4391_40173423311_ocn8a4412_40173421621_ocn8a4497_40173417691_ocn8a4512_25301673577_o

Love, Aiko

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