A Morning in the Quad

What is the quad you might ask? This is the center of the University of Washington campus where every spring the cherry blossoms bloom and it becomes this floral pinkish wonderland…..and anightmare. It’s become an attraction when spring roles around. You can bet there’s tons of people that flock to the quad to the coveted quad picture.

I’m no exception. (I’m such a poser.)

I’ve have actually never seen the cherry blossoms and of course I wanted my quad photo. So who was I going to drag with me at 7am in the morning but of course my wonderful boyfriend. Rachel Lucus, the talented photographer who took all these shots woke up early to capture these wonderful photos of us.

If you’re ever in the area, Rachel is amazing at taking couple photos and such a sweetheart! Also check out the University of Washington campus if you like old school architecture.

RachelLucusPhotography_Aiko+Jason-25RachelLucusPhotography_Aiko+Jason-43It was so cold that morning. It’s a miracle we don’t look have frozen looks on our faces. Model tip:If you want to look cute with your partner and warm each other up, Eskimo kisses are the way to go!


For those who’ve made it this far and care. Here’s what we’re wearing.



Dress: Top shop Ovoid wrap mini (I got a size up and I’m short so this is more like a average length dress

Sweater: Tobi


Jacket: Amazon Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

Shirt: Banana Republic Camden Standard-Fit Luxe Poplin Gingham Shirt


After a job well done we got breakfast at Costa’s on the ave. Highly recommend their banana pecan pancakes!

Love, Aiko

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