Just in from Japan :ARTPHERE


I always love to be the first one to hear about new things! Just in from Japan is ARTPHERE! I am so excited to share their line of luxury bags with you. For folks who don’t know I’m half Japanese so I always a have a soft spot for anything of Japanese origin.

Artphere has two product lines “STYLE WORKS” and “FRAME WORKS,” which is where I have my bag from. I have the New Dulles Touch F3 which comes in black, green or red.

It’s not like your typical bag you see something around but it’s design and function is great for people who are on the go. It comes with a detachable strap as well so it you need a shoulder bag versus a handbag, it’s convertible. It’s like the new reincarnation of a brief case.

Like the brief case is does feature a little latch at the opening of the bag that has a nice brushed metal. There is a keyhole for added security if need be.  Another feature I also like is that the handle is made of wood. In the past, many bag handles and straps have faded or gotten worn over time. Especially in less expensive bags the straps start to fray or literally disintegrate (this is not to clean up). I don’t see this being an issue with the bag.


One aspect I like about the design is that it’s very timeless and gender neutral. Depending on your style or preferences this bag doesn’t read overtly masculine or feminine. Purse, satchel, backpack-whatever bag you use I could see this bag functioning in a number of ways.

Photography by Tasha Matthews

I always travel around with my tablet and for me this is very ideal. My tablet is safe and I can keep all my essentials housed inside. It’s quite spacious inside so I need to bring a notebook with me, there’s plenty room.It features pockets on the lining so if you have chargers, pens, gum etc it’s organized inside.

If you’re one That’s a fan of the backpack they do offer a larger style with backpack straps, New Dulles Touch F4. I could also see the larger size being ideal for folks with bigger laptops as well or if you have more items to carry.

Artphere_01 (1)

Yes this post is sponsored but my thoughts are my own and I love sharing good quality  products with your folks. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Photographer Tasha Matthews

Love, Aiko

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