My dream (fake) elopement shoot

First off I’m going to put it out there because people are going to ask.

I am NOT enagaged, eloped, newly-wed, married or even living with my boyfriend.

We’re just dating…..OBVIOUSLY.

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-101.jpg

So why would you do a fake elopement shoot? I just enjoying playing dress up in my adult life and exercising my creative juices with like-minded folks (I did tricking my boyfriend into taking pictures with me.) I also love supporting local businesses. Delia of DBK photography was a dream to work with and thank you to Verbena Florals Seattle provided the lovely floral crown and bouquet. If I get to have fun, create art and help someone along the way then why not!

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-080

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-076.jpg

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-032.jpg
These florals were breathtaking!


Washington folks If you have not been to Deception Pass, go. It is breath taking, Washington has some gorgeous and epic views that must be experienced. Right next to Deception Pass is Rosario Beach where we ended up shooting. What a quaint little beach with a wealth of options for us to shoot at. I braved the rocky beach, climbed over the drift wood and scaled(not really) the mossy rocky terrain. It wasn’t that bad and if want to get an epic shot you have to put aside your pride, hike up the dress and climb over the nature.

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-025

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-058

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-107

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-124.jpgAiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-091.jpg

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-174

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-183


These are pictures you are going to have forever consider venturing a little out of your comfort zone. To be honest I was a little apprehensive being out in nature in my dress but I’m so glad I did because this view is so majestic and makes me love the Pacific Northwest even more. Be a little fearless and go outside your comfort zone because it just might be worth it.

To those who are engaged, newly wed, married and everything in between, I wish you all the happiness is the world. Cheers to you!

Aiko & Jason @ Rosario Beach-007

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