Early Evening at Bothell Landing

Have you ever discovered you’ve been living right next to an oasis and had no idea. This girl right here had no idea how amazing Bothell Landing was until she finally went there for a photoshoot.

There’s trees, historical sites and the water….it’s so peaceful I could easily spend the afternoon here sipping on some coffee.

After work I popped on over to the Landing to meet the lighting genius Shorbo.

Funny thing is the first time I shot with Shorbo I looked like this.

A little scary and definitely not an ideal way to make a first impression.  We were outside on a nice sunny day and he completely transformed the image! I call him the light master, I knew immediately I wanted to work with him again.

Luckily for the both of us I showed up to our shoot looking like this!Aiko_BothellLanding_4-9-2018_ShorboPhoto_9543

We got so lucky with the weather, the only sun we saw this week and it was the perfect day. The ducks were out, it was a balmy 60 degrees and a perfect day to do a shoot.


I’m not usually one to wear hats but I love this western vibe I was channeling with my outfit. I can’t wait for Washington to warm up even more so I can get our my spring and summer wear. While I’m still new to the fashion realm my advice to you folks is don’t be afraid to mix and match what you have. I’m not one to follow trends and most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing but this outfit came about by looking at what I had in my closet.


Top: Forever 21 bodysuit (I got this a year ago but it’s very easy to fine dupes)

Sportsbra: Free People Macrame seemless bralette (Looks like this baby is out of stock but Free People has very similar ones still avaible.

Jeans: Free People Ripped Skinny Jeans 

Boots: HM

Hat: Forever 21

Love, Aiko

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