How to be more Confident!

Do you want to be more confident? It takes time and growth and willingness to let yourself change. You can have all the resources to better yourself but if you don’t let yourself be open to the potential of growth then what’s it’s all for? The only person who can truly change you is YOU!

These are some practices that have vastly improved my confidence. I’m not perfect and I still have a long way to go but I hope some of these tips help you on your journey to being more confident.

Banish unnecessary negative thoughts 

Mindfulness is a great tool that is simple to say but takes time to master. Negativity is like a mosquito bite, the more you itch at it them more it comes to the forefront, if you ignore it and focus your energy on bigger and better things life becomes so much easier. Some times when I catch myself in a negative mind-set (this is usually when I’m on the road) I give my self a pep talk and tell myself to get out of this mood. I say, “AIKO! This is not worth your time or energy today is going to be a good day!” Yes it seems absolutely ridiculous but trust me it helps.2018_0331_Portrait_Aiko-11

Acting Positive

This may seem simple but it does wonders in all aspects of life. If you act the way you want to be eventually the mind will follow. You are what you do! If you want  to be more positive then act more positive, put your energy into being a positive force. Smile more, give more genuine compliments, take a breath and just be happy that you’re living this life! If you are putting out positive energy into the world then that positive is going to come back to you 10 fold. This is also purely an Aiko-ism but I’m kind of lazy. I have found that in my short existence that it’s so much easier to be positive. I don’t want to waster my precious energy being sad and irritated all the time. It’s hard being grouchy all the time, you can’t keep up with it.


Always be kind and generous

This is something I have heard over and over again especially growing up in a Christian household. If we strip away all the material possessions what do we have left to give someone? Your TIME and your ATTITUDE. Kindness is something that is always abundant and will be appreciated regardless of if you know it in the moment or not. GENEROSITY is another act that not a lot of people are familiar experiencing. This doesn’t have to be material possessions but it can come in many forms . Do you have extra food, extra money and see someone in need? Why not try to share that resource with someone who needs it. You can’t help but feel good when you help someone. You can also be generous with your time and energy, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED. When you share these things with someone it does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.



Yes this is so cheesy but it works. It helps improve your mood and the way you portray yourself to others. It’s also a fast a and easy to way to improve your looks and it takes no energy at all (Aiko-ism, I’m lazy.)

Accept all parts of yourself 

This falls into the line of loving yourself. Accepting that the good, bad and the ugly are parts of you can be hard but you wouldn’t be the person you are today if it wasn’t for those experiences. For years there were experiences I wish I could change, parts of my life I wish I could hide. It fueled my insecurities to the point where my self-esteem was at zero. I let it all out into the open, I revealed these aspects to my friends and family and all of it was returned with love and compassion. Those who cared about my well-being were there and those who didn’t I expelled from my life long ago. You are perfect just the way you are.

Practice being open

Being honest and authentic can do no wrong. Mental health and prioritizing my self-care is an issue that I’ve been grappling with and I’ve decided to tell the world. Is it scary? Sure, but what I’ve found is that I wasn’t the only one dealing with these issues and that there’s a whole community behind me. Along with being open and being bolder in my thoughts and feelings I’m finding that I slowly building the confidence to talk to people I never would speak to. I also put my self in situations where I feel uncomfortable but in the end I’m always glad that I made my the decision. I’m finding that in my openness I’m able help others and empower them to do the same.


There are so many actions you can take to help with your confidence. These are a few things that have truly helped me over the past few years with my confidence. I was a zero and I’ve slowly built myself back to who I want to be and it’s been no easy task. Know that you’re not alone and if you ever need help on your journey I’m right here with you!

Photogapher: Nikki Photography Studio

Love, Aiko





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