I can’t believe I did it!!! 100days! 100 reasons to be grateful for this life!

I started this because I was drowning in negativity. My thoughts and feelings and the environment around me at the time was taking over. My work environment was where I could feel every fiber of my being consumed by the negative influence-my thoughts, feelings and aura I was giving off was effecting my overall mental health but even worse my friends and family started noticing this change. When I realized my actions were affecting my love ones I knew something needed to change.

I’ve made a conscious effort to negate the negativity and as of March 28th 2018 I decided to start #100daysofgratitude. Everyday on my personal Facebook I posted one thing I was grateful for in this world. I wasn’t always consistent but I made sure that I always caught up.

I have to say that during theses 100 days that a lot has happened-from quitting my office job (I will be doing a post about this in the future) to transitioning into a less structured environment. Life changes so rapidly but doing my daily gratitude exercise has helped me stay grounded. Taking the time to think of one thing I was grateful for gave me a chance to pause and reflect.


There were days when I did have a hard time thinking of something to be grateful for. There we’re days when life was getting to me and I was being a grouch pants but I always managed to find something to focus one.

The simplest reasons like having a bed to sleep in at night or hot water for my shower are things that we take for granted. Not everyone has these luxuries. I then focused on larger reason like my family, my support system I’m fortunate to have. Other abstract ideas like free speech or the ability to think they way I do. If you take the time to see why your life is they way it is you will never run out of reasons to be grateful for.

This is a great exercised that really helped me put my life in focus. Be happy, be healthy and remember your life is full of so much good! What are you grateful for?

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