Hello My Name is Aiko: An Introduction

Seattle Blogger My Name is Aiko in Bellevue Park

I don’t think I’ve officially introduced my self. My name is Aiko (eye-co) and I’m twenty something year old girl that lives in the Greater Seattle area.

I was born and raised here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am fourth generation Japaneses-American and first generation Filipino-American (Mom’s from Manila.)

My name Aiko is Japanese but I was named after Filipino actress Aiko Melendez. My name means “love child” or when combined “beloved.” The character for “Ai”(love) is one that is often tattooed on people bodies-I cringe when I see it not properly written and I cry a little on the inside.

My parents had a restaurant for 23 years and this is where I learned my love of food. I worked there from 10 into my twenties (no it’s not child labor, it’s called growing up while asian.)

I used to have 2 English bulldogs growing up that forever changed my love of “ugly” dogs.

I was in a toxic relationship for a number of years that changed my path and inspired me to use my life to empower and share the path of self-love and self-care to anyone and everyone I meet.

I’m a creative human and constantly looks for what to express my self through collaboration and creation of content. Probably why I enjoy working as a Social Media Strategist.

If you’re every in the Seattle Area I always enjoy meeting up for coffee/donuts and having a good conversation.

That’s a little bit about me but if you want to know what else I’m up to. Check out my Facebook and Instagram where I share more of my weird life.

Until next time friends.


My Name is Aiko a Seattle Based beauty, lifestyle and social media blogger


Yes, I make the most unattractive faces when I shoot and I love it! Legit this is my “sexy-face.”

Seattle Blogger My Name is Aiko in Bellevue Park I don't take myself that seriously.

Photos by Kyle Lim of Klear Photography


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