Food at Cannon Beach


“Jason what’s your favorite part about Cannon Beach?”

“The beach.”

Typical. For the past three years Jason (my partner in crime) has brought me to one of his favorite places-Cannon Beach.

For those who may not be familiar it’s about a 4 hour drive from Seattle located on the Oregon Coast right after Seaside Oregon. This place is gorgeous the coast is so renewing and the sandy beach feels amazing against the toes.

Since this my 3rd year I had a few places I knew I wanted to visit again as well as a few gems that needed to be explored. My inner foodie was so excited to eat my way around Cannon Beach. These are a few of my favorites!


I am a coffee drinker, Jason is not but we both enjoyed the liked of Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters.

If you like cozy, homey and a little whimsical this cafe has everything you need. Their themed drinks like Druids delight are almost too good to pass up. I opted for my usual, an Americano and it was perfect. If you like good coffee check them out. Their located in Midtown, just a few minutes past the downtown area.


Insomia Coffee co.

This airy cozy cafe was a new find for me this time around. The high ceilings and abundance of comfy chairs makes me want to come back here. I also received the best service there. While it’s not quite coffee, I ended ordering a Matcha Latte which was delicious.

Cannon Beach Cafes with Seattle blogger My Name is Aiko



Pizza a’ fetta is one of Jason’s all time favorites places to go-we went 3 times in a matter of 4 days. Seriously the best pizza in town.

Driftwood was a new spot to us and I have to say the outdoor seating, our waitress and the food was so good. We got a steak sandwich, clam chower and BQQ flat bread and I have no complaints.


Surfbird Cafe

This cafe is only a few months old  and specializes in the breakfast-ish food. The natural light, casual ambiance and delicious food made it worth it. The space was perfect for a good chat. I took some time with Jason to map out my goals for my business.

Chicken at Waffles at Surfbird cafe Cannon Beach Oregon with Seattle blogger My Name is Aiko

Chocolate Cafe

This cute little cafe was new for me. Before leaving town I stopped by to grab some chocolate for the road. If you are a chocolate lover this is a must see!



We went to so many other places in town but these are a few that caught my eye.  Let me know if you’ve gone to these place or have other recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them. See where we stayed and what other things we like about Cannon Beach here!

My Name is Aiko lifestyle and beauty Seattle based blogger





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  1. Michael Seidel

    We rented a house and stayed at Cannon Beach for a week, exploring the downtown, along with Astoria and Camp Despair. Interesting town, beautiful beach, definitely a place that knows its coffee. Thanks for rekindling memories. Cheers


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