Linktree example of My Name is Aiko

Up your Instgram game with linktree

For my accounts that are under 10K on Instagram, I wanted to figure out a way to optimize my account without having the swipe up feature on my Instagram stories. Then I discovered linktree!

What is linktree?

It’s a free resource to help you optimize your Instagram account! You have one link in your bio and displays all your content (that you want to showcase.)


Linktree example of My Name is Aiko

Why I love it

I can use my IG stories and Instagram posts to direct followers to my linktree and be strategic about where I want my followers to go.

The free plan is simple and gives you everything that you need.

  • -unlimited links on your linktree
  • -tracking to see how the total number of links has been clicked
  • -different color options

The Pro plan is only $6 (super affordable) which gives you way more features like highlighting specific links, removing the linktree branding etc.

While my title is focused for accounts under 10K without the swipe up feature this I can see this service being used by a number of folks. The best aspect is that it helps your content live longer rather than it being pushes down to the bottom of your feed.

If you want to up your Instagram game linktree a great resource I believe can help anyone and everyone.

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