Lodging at Cannon Beach with Seattle Blogger My Name is AIko

Cannon Beach Where to stay: Budget vs Comfort

Lodging can one of the biggest expenses when traveling (next to food.) Looking on sites and reading reviews  can be a little overwhelming. For folks traveling down to Cannon Beach, I have two places that I have stayed at that  are worth a look. The first year we traveled to the beach we kept it pretty budget conscious. The following years we’ve combined being budget friendly along with staying in nicer accommodations. Check them out below.


The Sea Ranch RV park and Stable. They offer camp sites for $40, RV parks and Cabins for those who want somethings a little more home like with a few more accommodations.DSC07225.JPG

Car camping is so much fun and way more economical that a typical hotel room. During the Summer months, at night it doesn’t get too cold. Compared to traditional camping, you’re in an enclosed space with bathrooms near by. It’s almost like summer camp! Added bonus they have horses on site you can admire or ride on the beach.

Best part about this place is that it’s less than a 5 minute walk into town. Drive if you want but parking tends to get crowded so walking is great. It does tend to get crowed since this is the most budget friendly option so if you’re looking to book a spot I’d do it far in advance. I’d also recommend to give them a call (this goes for any place you’re looking to stay) this takes away the middle man and you get direct communication.


Lodging at Cannon Beach with Seattle Blogger My Name is AIko

For our last night I splurged on a room at the Ecola Creek Lodge. After staying at the camp site, an normal unshared shower was a welcoming sight. The ability to spread out our stuff and go into separate rooms (we’re both introverts so alone time is a must) was fantastic.

This place is so cozy and relaxing. Like a hotel room it has all the accommodations like a TV, dinning table, comfy bed and a coffee maker. Just like the ranch, the Lodge is only a 5 minute walk away from town.

I had a mix up with my reservation and ended up calling the front desk directly and can I say what amazing service they had. The manager on site was very accommodating  and best part is that I saved more money! Cut out the middle man and book direct!

If you want to go the extra mile Cannon Beach also has traditional hotels and Inns (costs can run you $200+ a night) These hotels are in the heart of downtown so you’re right in the middle of all the action. If you have a group or enjoy the home feel, there are many houses for rent around town.

Whether your looking to be budget or little more comfortable there’s something for everyone!

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