UNPLUG: Disconnecting and being present

Being intentional and unplugging from daily life at Cannon Beach Oregon

How do you unplug, disconnect from the world in order to be present with those you love?

Take a look around you and I bet you can find at least one person with their head burried deep in their phone. I do it, you do it, everyone does it and it’s scary!

Being intentional and unplugging from daily life at Cannon Beach Oregon

When we planned to take this trip to Cannon Beach I wanted to be intentional about my time there. I wanted to enjoy my vacation, give my mind a rest and be present with my significant other.


You will save battery, you won’t be distracted by emails, calls or text messages


There’s no point in trying to be present and unplugged if your partner isn’t doing the same.


A great alternative if you want to capture the moment but not have the temptation of a phone.

For the blogger life I always bring along my Sony A6000 and the quality of my pictures look great!


What does this mean? If you want to have a deep conversation then do it. Tell you partner that.

If you’re going out and know that your phone is going to be a distraction leave it in the car, don’t bring it with you.


Do you have that need to capture the moment and take a picture of everything around you? Remember that there will always be an opportunity to take a picture of that latte art but the moment you have with friends, family and loved ones are the ones that matter.

My goal for you is to read this post, make some plans with some one you care about and have an unplugged conversation. Do it. Trust me it’ll be the best thing ever.

Let me know how it goes, you’re awesome and until next time.

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