Top 5 cafes in Bellevue to get your work done

Do you work remote? Are you a digital Nomad, a freelancer or anything in between?

Have no fear I have tried every pastry and sipped every coffee in pursuit of the best places in Bellevue that are laptop friendly.


Why Bellevue?

First off, this is where I was born and raised. The city of Bellevue has so much to offer and with the growth the past few years so many fun spots have popped up. Unlike downtown Seattle it’s not going to be as busy, parking is a little more accessible and it’s on the Eastside!

There are a few key characteristics a cafe must have that I’ve found make a place laptop friendly.

  • -good wifi
  • -good coffee
  • -places to set up shop (Is there an outlet nearby, will my coffee and laptop fit)
  • -good selection of food/pastries(this one is huge)

Third Culture Coffee

This cafe is fantastic I was walking by where I saw their sign that said ‘Dessert Bar’ and I knew I had to come back here.  The vibe is earthy and open. The tall ceilings and large windows make it an inviting space to work out of. They always have a great selection of pastries to choose from. Seating by the windows have plugs and there a large wooden table if you need a little more room to spread out your stuff.

Bonus: They have a swinging seat and it’s kid friendly


8154, 10246 Main St A, Bellevue, WA 98004

Can we say Instagram worthy? This cute little cafe is located on Main in Old Bellevue, they offer a selection of cold pressed juices and healthy treats. It’s quite small, but in the off times it’s great. There are round tables in the back, some nice window side seating near the front and a big table in the center. The tables in the back are the best option if you need to charge any devises. Only downside is the parking, adjacent to the cafe is a 2hr lot which doesn’t provide many spots but there’s always parking nearby.

Capitol One Cafe (Bellevue)

400 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

This cafe comes as a recommendation from my buddy Tori Dunlap of Victori Media. This space is designed for the laptop worker! Every spot has a plug and USB outlet near by, work stations are spread out and the floor plan is very open, clean with lots of natural light. I was greeted by the staff and given a quick run down of the offerings. If you like Peet’s coffee and bagels, this is your spot. It’s attached to the new Lincoln Square south building with garage parking attached.

Cafe Cesura

Love the vibe! The high ceilings and concrete create a very easy environment to work in. Around late morning it does get a bit busy but if you’re able to snag a table it’s the perfect spot to work. The cafe is a few blocks removed from the downtown bustle. Coffee is good but the pastries are amazing. I indulged in a raspberry croissant where I spilled the majority of the jam on my laptop….(many napkins were needed.) There’s 2 hour parking right outside the cafe and a nearby garage.

Woods Coffee (3 different locations)

Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, 116th ave across the freeway

The most PNW coffee shop you will ever visit. Large windows, raw exposed wood with PNW themed gear-it’s like drinking coffee in a tree. The pastry selection is perfect for any drink you get. I’ve loved every location that I’ve been to but for working purposes, Lincoln Square and 116th are ideal. These 2 locations are a little bigger with a few more table options. 116th also has bonus fireplace and meeting room.


Honorable Mention:

Fika House Kafe

298 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

This new little spot is very modern with the concrete and white table tops. The coffee is good and the waffles are yummy (Jason practically devoured my waffle.) I was lucky to find an outlet near my stop by the table. You have to be careful with your timing, noon seems to be a popular time.


Whether it’s good food or a good vibe these are my top picks in the area! What town should I explore next? Let me know! Have you visited any of these cafe’s?

My Name is Aiko lifestyle and beauty Seattle based blogger

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