Glossier Seattle Pop-up!


 The Glossier store has come and gone in Seattle. 

What can I say but that the hype was so REAL. I saw so many pictures and Instagram stories of the line going all the way down the block. Whoever picked this location I knew that this location would be poppin. Within the heart of Capitol Hill, you have the perfect demographic.

Quick back story! Before Glossier (pronounced gloss-ee-ay)was a thing Emily Weiss, started the blog Into the Gloss in 2010. Glossier was born in 2014 with initial backing from Forerunner Capital, a women-led venture capital firm. Then thrive capital led another series of funding close to $8.4 million dollars. This brand blew up on social media with a strong brand voice targeting towards the minimal, glossy, dewy skin and millennial customer.

I was originally turned onto the brand through coworkers and picked up a couple of skincare and makeup staples. When I heard the pop-up store was coming into town I was super excited for the opportunity to look at every product in their line and test them out. I’m all about just swatching and trying for you buy.

Glossier pop up shop seattle

The first time I went to the store I didn’t wait in line too long I went after work on a Friday afternoon. Had a friend joined me and once we got into the store the excitement took over as well as the humidity. The store was covered and beautiful live in moss and flowers designed by Lily Kwong. They had small little tables throughout the store with duplicates of products for folks to try out. Along the walls they had mirrors, these prove to be very popular for selfie-taking. This mirror was my favorite.


The second time I went to the store it was for an event with four women who roar. It was after hours about 30 or so folks, not as crowded and we had a chance to try out the products and it wasn’t as humid since it was night time.

During those two trips this is what I picked up:


  • Night Shine ‘Deep Copper and Platinum Rose
  • Vinylic lip in ‘Baby’


  • Milky Oil
  • Balm dot Com Birthday cake, Coconut, Mango
  • Body hero Daily oil wash and Daily Perfecting Creme
  • Lipgloss
  • Cloud Paint in Dawn and storm

I was originally going to get a lot of items from glossier play but after us watching and trying on a few of the products I realize they weren’t for me.

Looking back at the list it’s quite an amount of products that I got but I know with confidence I can use these almost every day. A lot of these products have multipurpose use for me, for instance, the night shine liquid highlighter can be used on the cheeks, eyes, lips, and body.

Overall I would say the hype was super real and if this is something you are not into I don’t blame you if you weren’t for the whole glacis experience. As someone who loves make up and sees fun pop-up stores and places like LA or New York! It’s exciting to see a brand come to Seattle. I think they did a wonderful job creating a fun experience and have little details throughout the store from the bags your products came in after purchase, the personalization of your name and the postcards with the seeds infused-it’s all very Pacific Northwest.

Check out my Instagram story highlight to see a few videos and more photos of from the pop-up shop.

What’s your go-to Glossier products?



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