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About Aiko




Hello Friends!

My name is Aiko!

Pronunciation guide: (eye-co)


This is the accumulation of life’s passions. Beauty, Lifestyle, self-care and social media expertise. You might ask me why such a range of topics? These are the core of who I am.


This is what was the beginning of my life online. I was a certified artist at Sephora using my talents to educate people that beauty was more than just the latest eyeshadow palette or lipstick. I loved taking clients over to the beauty studio demystifying the world of beauty.


My life was so much more than beauty. I love food (did you know my family had a restaurant for over 23 years.) I constantly eat at least 2-3 times the amount of food my partner does. I love to explore and travel to new destinations-why not share my adventure with you.


I few years back, I had my life turned upside down from a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship. It’s been an uphill climb to come back to who AIKO was. I lost my sense of self and have taken every step to prioritize my mental health. I have made it part of my goal to help encourage and empower others to take charge of their mental health and apologetically love themselves again.


In my everyday life I work as a social media strategist. I studied at the University of Washington receiving my degree in Media and Communications. My life consists of creating graphics for accounts, social media coaching and offering simple tips and resources that have helped me personally and professionally.

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